Recycle a bicycle and you may recycle a life!

God's Pedal Power Ministry (GPPM), is a Faith Based, totally non-profit organization, run by a multi-denominational group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping kids and adults in need.

Starting in 1997, GPPM has refurbished and given away thousands of bicycles for people who have been referred to our ministry.  Along with the bike, the new owner is given a positive message along with bike safety advice.


Our Volunteers have a Motto:

No one gets paid as a volunteer,
so we never have a pay raise,
BUT - GPPM's retirement benefits are out of his World!

Faith has never failed us.  GPPM operates with volunteers, donated money, bikes, Bibles, and grants which come from businesses, individuals, churches, clubs, and various organizations.

If you would like to get involved, or help GPPM, click here